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Do you want your child to become a good reader but may have trouble motivating him or her? If your child believed that his/her Christmas gifts from Santa depended on their reading do you think that it would provide motivation for them to read?

Here at we help Santa keep track of your child’s Christmas wishes. We believe that It is wrong to tell children that they did not get gifts because they are bad. Most children are good but still do not get the gifts they ask for. Why?

Teach your child good work ethic. Santa needs their help to get gifts to them. They need to do their part by reading.

There are now so many children all around the world, that Santa must air drop most of his gifts in order to make his deliveries on time. There is a naughty elf (the Elf Bully) who with help of his laboratory creations steal gifts from children who won’t read. Especially slow flying gifts. Santa uses magical tags which are attracted to your child’s brain waves. The better the reader, the faster the gift flies to him.

Your child must read, to rescue Santa who keeps getting trapped in a magical snow globe.

To purchase a membership for your child. It cost’s just one dollar a month.($1.00) per month payable in an annual non-refundable membership

Start by adding the name of the child. Then on the lines provided add links to the reading material that you would like for your child to review. After each link, space has been provided for you to add four questions. This will require you to at least review the reading material and randomly select some fact that you want to test your child on. The fact can be an easy to spot fact or a hard to spot fact, as you wish. Then make up three false answers. Lock each question in to enable your child to read the entry . After you have locked each question in you cannot change it, so make sure that your questions and answers make sense.

Also, the game works best if you don’t always use the same alpha character to put the correct answer. In other words: Don’t always have the correct answer be the letter A.

That’s it. Your child logs in with their preferred name.

When your child has read the material and correctly answered the questions you will receive an email. Your child will never know that you are monitoring them unless you want them to.

If you would like to see how the game works, please go to google search engine and log into, select the games wreath on this site and give ‘Read to Rescue Santa’ a try. Please don’t forget to return here to to purchase a membership.

Once you have enrolled your child, to get started the first book that your child should read is “Elf Bully: The Prequel”. It would also help if you would read this short book too, to help reinforce the story concepts and assure your child that Santa doesn’t think that they are bad, but that he does need their help to get presents to them.