I am my mom and dad’s only kid (which may explain why it is I did what I did). My teacher asked me to be in the school show (I am the best at everything don’t cha know).

The new girl in class she had a new trick. Things appeared when she waved her magic stick. To win I had to outdo the new girl. I threw a tantrum ‘till I started to hurl.

A giant one eyed animal I sought. Finally that is what my parents bought. When my parents gave to me the new pet, he was the best thing that happened to me yet.

He was helpful and a genius at art. A science project he helped me to start. My pet Cyclops knew how badly that I wanted to win the science fair that I had entered in.

My Cyclops helped me make this guitar. He thought that it would help me go far. It happened when I started to sing, that’s when a guitar string caught on my ring. The broken string through the air it did fly. Hard it hit my Cyclops in the eye.

He screamed "You blinded me with science Ahh! Ugh! No! You blinded me with science!"

I had to leave the fair to take him to the vet. A large eye patch is what he did get. Now he demands his way and eats all my pop tarts. He hits me with things, and sometime it does smart.

Though his eye has healed and he’s doing well, if I complain, then he starts to yell.

He screams “You blinded me with science! Ahh! Ugh! No! You blinded me with science!”