Teacher Login

Hello Teachers,

Santa has been used to sell practically everything else. It is time that he also helped educators. The most helpful skill that a child can learn is to read. Readers can help educate themselves. Christmas and presents are a great motivator.

You will need a membership to use this program. You can add up to 25 students per membership. The annual membership costs $12 a year, which is less than 50 cents a student.

Participation is simple.

Start by adding the names of up to 25 students. Then on the lines provided add links to the reading material that you would like for your students to review. After each link space has been filled you need to add four questions.

This will require you to at least review the reading material and randomly select some fact that you want to test your student on. The fact can be an easy to spot fact or a hard to spot fact, as you wish. Lock each question in to enable your student to read the entry. After you have locked each question in you cannot change it, so make sure that your questions and answers make sense.

Also, the game works best if you don’t always use the same alpha character to put the correct answer. In other words: Don’t always have the correct answer be the letter A.

That’s it. Your student’s login with their preferred name. As they correctly answer questions they advance to the next link to reading material and you receive an email indicating their successful completion of the reading assignment.